School Rules

In every home there are guidelines and regulations and value systems to ensure proper training and cordial living. So too, at Nelson Street Boys’ R.C. School, there ae principles and policies that are laid down by the school Administration and Teaching staff that must be observed for growth of the individual and the school as a community.

1. Physical School begins at 8:30am. Infants dismiss at 2:30pm, Juniors and Seniors dismiss at 3:00pm. Your son should be at school by 8:15am. Online School

2. In cases of emergency, parents must ensure that arrangements are made to have the child collected at short notice. Parents are responsible for making alternative arrangements for their child, when there is no school.

3. No earrings, jewelry, or skin tattoo are to be worn at school.

4. Religious Education is taught every day.

5. Parents are to assist pupils with their homework. They are NOT TO DO IT FOR THEM. Books must be signed as having seen pupils’ school work.

6. All book must be covered, labelled and kept in a clean and tidy manner.

7. Parents/Visitors to the school must go directly to the Office and not to the classroom.

8. Pupils must be punctual and attend school regularly.

9. f a pupil is absent or very late for school, a written excuse must be submitted the next day he attends school.

10. No pupil is allowed outside the school compound during school hours. This is only permitted by special permission.

11. Parents are responsible for any damage or loss done to the school property, by their child. This also applies to vehicles owned by teachers and other members of staff.

12. Infants are not allowed on the upper floors of the school building unless accompanied by a teacher. They are to stay on the ground floor.

13. There is to be No sounding of horns in front of the school during school hours.

14. No parking or waiting in front the school gate.

15. Parents must attend ALL class/school meeting.

16. Parents/visitors to the school are expected to dress in a manner befitting the school environment.

LADIES: No short-pants. No exposure of mid-section(belly).

No ‘cut-up’ jeans, revealing tops or plunging necklines.

MEN: No armless vest or bare-backs

Please see dress code for more details.

17. Parents who give cell phones to their children will do so at their own risk. All cell-phones must be turned off/powered off upon entering into the school’s compound. The school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage of cell phones. Ministry of Education policy on the use of cell phones must be adhered to.

18. In cases of emergency which require that the pupil be taken to the hospital or clinic, parents will be notified and be responsible for accompanying the child to see the doctor or medical personnel.

19. Rules or instructions given concerning the school uniform must be followed at all times. Please see the uniform section in the handbook for more details.

20. School and Classroom rules MUST BE RESPECTED and obeyed by Parents and Students at all times.


Pupils will be assigned to a house. They MUST wear the jersey of the house they were assigned to along with a short black pants on designated days for Physical Education (P.E.). Once assigned to a house, pupils are not allowed to change houses.

The house system is used to maintain school spirit, school culture and discipline.

The Houses are:

  • Cocrico (Blue)

  • Scarlet Ibis (Red)

  • Cardinals (Orange)

  • Humming Bird (Green)


Research shows that parent’s involvement is a key component to a student’s success. Nelson Street Boys’ RC School values our partnership with students, parents, and community members.

After COVID-19 our visitation procedures have changed in an effort to provide a safe and secure school while also protecting instructional time, our school visitation procedures are outlined below.

1. No Mask, No Entry – Visitors must wear a mask to enter the school compound. Visitor temperature would be check, if found with a fever the visitor would not be allowed on the school compound.

2. Visitor must sanitize or wash their hands upon entry.

3. Appointments must be made in order to visit a teacher, principal or office staff. Security, Staff or Principal have to right to refuse a visit if any appointment was not schedule.

4. All visitors on the compound are required to present a valid ID card and sign the visitors’ book at the Guard Booth. A visitor’s badge will be presented to you, must be worn for the duration of the visit.

5. All visitors will be escorted to the Office by security, before any other business is done.

6. All children should be dropped off and pick up will be by the front gate. At NO TIME should parents go beyond the gate to dropped off or pick up a student.

7. Dress code rules must be followed in order to be allowed unto the school compound.

8. Parents wishing to speak to their son’s class teacher can do so on appointment basis.