Our Team

Senior Teacher & Infants Head– Miss Morris

Music Head - Miss George-Daniel

“Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.” Gerald Ford .

At Nelson Street Boys R.C we believe in inclusivity where there is an opportunity for everyone to learn through different learning platforms. Music is one of the many platforms that is universal and has proven to boast educational performances in children. Music can be therapeutical, whether you love to sing or play an instrument or just clap to a beat. It allows students to think creatively and to solve problems by imagining various solutions.

Nelson Street Boys R.C. can boast about many musical accolades as we have performed in the San Fest, National School Parang Competition, our school Christmas concerts and our internal school calypso competitions, in charity events and many more events that have given our boys experiences for a lifetime. Our school choir is always open and ready for new voices. If you know your son can ‘BELT A NOTE” feel free to sign him up to join Nelson Street Boys R.C. School Choir.

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Sports Head- Mr. Gopie

Since I was appointed as an Assistant Teacher Primary at Nelson Street Boys’ R.C School in 2010, I have facilitated many sporting activities and events at the school and have assisted students in achieving their full potential in various sporting disciplines such as Track and Field, Football and Cricket. Our school participates in many District and Zonal school competitions in which we have performed extremely well. I welcome all of our new intakes and I look forward to working with you and discovering young talent in any of the sporting areas that you wish to participate in at school.

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Events & Special Activities Head- Miss Joyeau - Rennie

At Nelson Street Boys’ R.C. we believe in the holistic development of each child attending our school. While events and special activities have nothing to do with academics, they have at least something to do with a student’s overall learning experience in school. It helps them to develop emotional intelligence, take a break, build relationships, and most importantly create memories and gain experiences which will be of great assistance when they do Creative Writing.

Our fund raisers also benefit our children as all proceeds made at the events are used to enhance the school, assist students in need and better the overall primary school experience for your son.

Welcome to N.S.B.R.C.S. and I look forward to your continued support throughout your son’s primary school experience....

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Parent Support Group (PSG) Liaison – Miss Morris & Mr. Philip

The Main Goals and Functions of Parental Support Group (PSG) is to promote connections and communications between parents and school and to establish a strong partnership. Parent support is what sets us apart as an exceptional school. If you are a new family, I want to extend a special welcome.

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Beautification Head- Ms. Garcia-Lewis

Our mission here at Nelson Street Boys’ R.C. School is to create an environment which reinforces positive behavior to help educate, support, and prepare our students for the world.

We aim to foster and promote a safe and positive school environment both at the physical site and on our virtual platforms that now exist. We hope that by working in an aesthetically enhanced environment student’s learning and teachers working will produce positive behaviors.

The Committee promotes school pride and involvement through beautification projects by forming cooperative partnerships with students, teachers, parents, organizations, businesses and City Administrations.

Prefect Body Head- Mr. Philip